FSF-INK nominated for "Best Cover" and "Best Illustrator" at the 2023 Fenix Awards, April 2023

"The artwork is old school but very, very nice" - Youtube review of 'The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg' by 'UKGamerspodcast', October 2022

"The atmospheric illustrations (...) contribute to the sooty, gunpowdery feel of this rpg." - Youtube review of 'De Fördömda' by 'Larsson recenserar', April 2022

"I like the cover - already here you know you're in for some action" - review of 'De Fördömda' on the Spelsnackarna podcast, April 2022

"nicely illustrated, with fine black-and-white pieces by Ken Fletcher, Walter Moore, FSF-INK, Dii Sala, Von Allen, Yerin Yoo, and Griffith Morgan" - review of 'The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg' on OSR Grimoire, Sep. 2021

"...that character sheet is lovely" - from comments about 'The Lost Dungeon of Tonisborg' on r/osr, Sep. 2021

"The art is really good" - - "I'm getting serious DMG flashbacks from it" - - "looks amazing!!" - comments about 'Swords and Super-Science of Xuhlan' on r/osr, 2021

"delicious character sheet" - from Roleplay Rescue's review of 'The Lost Dungeon of Tonisborg' on, August 2021

"...very good--almost a cross between Trampier and Otus " - - game designer Leon Baradat, 2020.

"The Sölvebring and the mysteriously named OSR-Ink...are very good" Review of Månens Krigsherrar in Hydra Issue 9, Aug 2019.

"The drawing of the wistful Lunar Empress ...
is P H E N O M E N A L"
- Pelle 'Mörk Borg' Nilsson, on FSF-INK/OSR-INK's artwork in the Månens Krigsherrar campaign book published by Svärd & Svartkonst, Jan 2019

"There are pictures in the magazine that are ... hand made and ... from this point of view, it is the finest publication I've ever owned, in my entire life" - the Nordnordost podcast, reviewing Mjölnir issue 10, December 2018.

"OSR-ink can thoroughly be recommended. Top notch" - customer referral from Ockult Örtmästare Games, publisher of the "Ut mot Skären" rpg, Jan 2018

"Since the game book itself harkens back to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons system of that time period, the art is purposefully done to match that feel. In that, the artist succeeded masterfully." - Ernie Laurence reviewing A Book of Miscellaneous Spells II on Multiverse, December 2017. (N.B. it's not 100% clear if this refers to the interior line art - by other artists - or to the cover by FSF-INK/OSR-INK)

"brutal !", "cool", "...I want!", "a wonderfully doom metal-ish cover!", "d*mn, that's a chunky cover" - comments on "Ut mot Skären" artwork previews in the Swedish OSR, and Bräd- och rollspelsforum groups on Facebook Dec 2017 - Feb 2018

"Very nice", "cool as heck", "instant gaming urge!" - comments on the "Naram Akaris Ruiner" cover art preview in the Swedish 'OSR' Facebook group Nov 2017

"These illustrations...remind me of Dave Trampier's work" - rpg artist Joakim Nilsson commenting on Dunder & Drakar at Gothcon 2015

"The art is scarce, and frankly not that impressive, but it has that DYI feel of the amateur gaming clubs in the 60s and early 70s." - review of The Lost Dungeon of Tonisborg on Reddit, July 2021

"I'm not saying the illustrations are bad, but (...) this is something obviously made by a 'normal everyday' guy - not by WOTC" - review of Ut mot skären in chapter 25 of the Spelsnackarna podcast, September 2018

"The images are fine - they illustrate the game well...they evoke atmosphere, but aren't really anything to write home about" - Larsson recenserar 89 - Ut mot skären, on Youtube, September 2018

"...the illustrations are just as good as those in similar D20 license products, and stand up well against e g Swords & Wizardry or T&T" - excerpt from review of Dunder & Drakar in Fenix magazine 3/2015

"The illustrations that turn up with a few pages' intervals, aren't bad - but nothing to get excited about" - excerpt from reviews of Dunder & Drakar at 12 apr 2015

"...whose style is especially suited for old school" - 16 Nov 2014

"Personally, I'm no fan of the amateurish illustration style that so many OSR adventures feature" - Review of "Naram Akaris Ruiner" in issue 3/2018 of Fenix magazine''.' (Again, not 100% clear if this refers to the line art - by other artists - or to FSF-INK/OSR-INK's cover)

"...although the illustrations in the book might not be the most inspiring ones I've seen" - excerpt from reviews of Dunder & Drakar at 12 apr 2015