FSF-INK's facebook page for updates, mini tips on illustration materials and links to work of other illustrators etc (English)

Mjölnir. Sweden's 1st RPG fanzine, featuring both very early 1970s and current illustrations by FSF-INK. Free PDFs of most issues. (English and/or Swedish)

The Secrets of Blackmoor. The film that disentangles D&D's intriguing roots through a wealth of original source material. FSF-INK artwork to be featured in tie-in items for Kickstarter backers.

Ockult Örtmästare. Swedish publisher of "Ut mot Skären" and other indie/OSR games. (Swedish)

Dunder & Drakar. Rulebook and "Tsamnor Koth" module for D&D clone by TSR's former offical Swedish representative. (Swedish)

Svärd & Svartkonst. Sweden's leading OSR game producer and publisher of "Naram Akaris Ruiner", "Månens Krigsherrar I + II" et al. (Swedish)

& Magazine. Major AD&D prozine, now discontinued. Also publisher of "Miscellaneous Spells" compendiums. All PDFs free. (English)

The Grottor & Gravkummel RPG by Icarus Dream Games. (Swedish)

Dangerous Dungeons progress forum. Follow the OSRIC megaproject here. (English)

Grottzine. Swedish OSR fanzine published between 2014-2017.