FSF-INK's facebook page for updates, design walkthroughs and links to other F/SF illustrators etc. (English)

The Secrets of Blackmoor. The film that disentangles D&D's intriguing roots. With tie-in original modules from early game pioneers.

Svärd & Svartkonst. Sweden's leading OSR game producer and publisher of "Swords & Super-Science of Xuhlan", "Naram Akaris Ruiner", "Månens Krigsherrar" the "Grimoire" fanzine et al. (English and/or Swedish)

Dragonsfoot. Publisher of "The Equinox Demon" and many other AD&D modules and game material. (English)

Dangerous Dungeons progress forum. Follow the OSRIC megaproject here. (English)

'Standardregler'. Illustrated Swedish translations of 1e material. Rule books, character sheets etc downloadable as free PDFs. (Swedish)

Dunder & Drakar. Rulebook, "Tsamnor Koth" module etc for D&D clone by TSR's former offical Swedish representative. (Swedish)

Ockult Örtmästare. Swedish publisher of "Ut mot Skären" and other indie/OSR games. (Swedish)

The Grottor & Gravkummel RPG by Icarus Dream Games. (Swedish)

Mjölnir. The first RPG fanzine published in Sweden. Free PDFs of most issues. (English and/or Swedish)

& Magazine. Major AD&D prozine, now discontinued. Also publisher of "Miscellaneous Spells" compendiums. All PDFs free. (English)

Grottzine. Swedish OSR fanzine published between 2014-2017. (Swedish)